Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

I love this time of year at the edge of the ocean. Approaching winter storms texture the sky with storm clouds and the waves are larger than usual.
The strong morning side lighting adds wonderful dimension to the view.
I have been using a Canon 1DsMark2 that has been converted with a infrared sensor. It is only black and white. The infrared wave length of light is difficult to meter with the camera. The time of day and angle of the sun light will change the exposure that is needed to get a good image file. I usually have to expose 3 stops over the cameras meters showing middle exposure but that is not a guarantee for proper exposure. I usually bracket at least one over or one under the 3 stop rule. The results are terrific.
When I compare a color image taken at the same time they look very different. See for yourself with these latest image from the beach.