Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

The DEMA (Diving Equipment Manufactures Association) Show was in Las Vegas for the last 4 days. I did not have a booth this year but just walked around and talked with friends and explored all the new camera offerings. This is the biggest of the diving shows so it is a great place to see a lot in one place. This year there was a lot to see and I will not cover it all here. Just what I thought was interesting or of value. What was noticeable is the shift from HID and Halogen lights to the new LED sources. More about this later. Also the introduction of 3D imaging for video and still capture had a lot of offerings. Macro lenses and macro lighting is also large on the scene with many different approaches to the problem. Some new housing materials and lighting arm materials are showing promise with the move from aluminum to carbon fiber construction. Innovation in optics made a big splash too. It is good to see that this part of the underwater imaging has finally matured and opened the field with many different options from super macro to extreme wide angle. The rapid introduction of so many new camera models is pressuring the industry to meet new demands and challenges in a timely fashion. I applaud them all for doing it so well.
I will present here just a few of the interesting items I saw at the show. Later, I will cover some of the major companies in the industry such as Subal, Aquatica, Nauticam, Ikelite, Sea & Sea, Nexus and Gates…etc.
Yutaka Nakamura from Recsea showed me some very interesting new housings for 3D and small point and shoot cameras. Their innovations for the video cameras is also very unique and innovative in housing design. Keldan keeps a head of the pack with the LED video lights. BS Kinetcs GmbH are exclusive with their Carbon fiber housings and lighting arms. H2o-Tools also had some impressive carbon fiber arms. The French company Dyron had very impressive solutions for add-on wide lenses and macro lenses. 10Bar is focusing on housings for the small cameras. They have one for the Fuji 3D camera and the LX3. Aquapazza from Japan had the most colorful line of housings including the HX5V Sony and the Sigma DP 2 and all the Inon lenses and ports to fit them. Nauticam stole the show with their Sony NEX5 housing that will also use the Nikonos lenses such as the famous Nikkor 15mm. They also have a professional housing for the PhaseOne 645 medium format camera with a 28mm lens and the all the Phase digital backs up to 60MP. Patima had the most unusual approach to the 3D videography. On the less expensive table was the Seashell plastic housing that is one housing fits all small point and shoot cameras. It has only two operational controls but retails for less than $150.00 I will fill you in on more later.