Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

Al Bruton and I took the boat out today to see if we could find the blue whales that have been hanging off the coast of San Diego for the last 10 days. On Friday I went to the Torrey Pines beach in the early morning and I saw three blue whales about 500 yards off shore. This is most unusual for blue whales to come this close to the shore line.
At first we went out about 20 miles to the nine mile bank but even thought the water was clear there were no birds or anything to see. When we headed back into the waters closer to the coast line we began to see huge schools of dolphins. Then closer to shore we spotted the blue whales, everywhere. We were about two to three miles from the beach off Torrey Pines.We just shut the boat down and watched as about 17 to 20 blue whales circled our boat keeping a distance of approximately 100 years or so. They were feeding and the we could see the wate was full of celps and bait fish along with a lot of Mola Mola’s. The sun finally came out and made the photographs easier to take. When we left we went closer to shore and spotted a fin back whale about 200 yards of the beach with more dolphins and sea lions swimming around it.
We had our diving gear ready but the whales were moving so fast it would have been impossible to dive with then and the water murky.
What a great day.