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» WATER AGAIN WATER AGAIN | Photography in Paradise

Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

Water has not been my friend for the last three months. First the rains flooded the studio and many friends showed up to help, then the roof and skylights leaked and that had to be repaired and Fried Jackson came to the rescue again, the next day a hot water pipe burst at home in the wall next to kitchen and Fred and Mikey came to the rescue again. I cut out the bad drywall and the repaired the wall. Then the studio toilet and hot water plumbing went on the fritz. Finally today while I was checking the fruit trees at home I found the main irrigation pipe had broken underground and was flooding the yard This is a 1 1/4″ diameter pipe. Morgan and I dug down three feet to find the broken pipe. It was 88 degrees today and the I sweat more then the pipe was leaking. Fred Jackson came over with the right parts to repair the pipe and we will fill in the ground tomorrow. What next?

broken water pipe This is the broken pipe.

Fred Fred had the best shove for getting around the pipe after we dug the hole.

Fred repairing the pipe This is Fred in the hole assembling the new pipe.

Finished This the final repair job.