Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

This camera is a ‘medium shot’ camera, so underwater this means:
1)  No close and wide shots – but larger animals can be captured in clear water; and
2)  No macro – which is inherently not achievable with any parallel 3D setup.
The 3DA1 camera / housing system has several very important features, which include:
1)       Locked control of two parallel cameras.  Focus/iris/zoom and convergence are built in and aligned.  No hacks, guesses or drift issues.
2)       Locked data streams – no need to align Left Eye/Right Eye in post.  
3)       Nano3D support – for broadcast purposes, the housing supports the nano3D with a rich set of 3D features including up to 280 Mbps data rate 4:2:2 recording and anaglyph playback.
This is a first generation 3D camera that will be followed by other, more capable systems.  Nonetheless we are pushing hard to get the 3DA1 camera/housing to market in support of the enormous demand for 3D content being generated by several dedicated 3D cable channels launching this year and next.  Panasonic has announced a backlog of 800 3DA1 cameras, and I am pleased to say our housing list is extensive as well. 
John Ellerbrock-Gates Housings