Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

I am doing it again, the third year in the pool photographing models, children, and other stuff. It started in 2916 with soldiers like Hai Nguyen, learning how to photograph underwater, then a wedding photographer, Ciprian Pacurar, joined the team, an autistic photographer, Luke Ce, went from model to photographer. One of the models, Jana Craciunescu, was so good and put in so much time she became part of the staff. Those images were put into a book called “Friends in my Pool”. ( Then, in 2017 it began again with new characters with increased lighting and props and a lot of fun and experimenting with new ideas. I modified my Nexus camera housings and ports to suit very specific needs. I made special sync connectors for 9 MCD 2000 fast recycle strobes so they could all be synced together at one time and controlled underwater as well as cabling and syncs to Norman power pack above the water. We worked day and night. When the second season was over after Halloween and another book was put together called “Art Experience Underwater”.(

We were sorry to see the water and weather turn cold and made plans for the following year. Today the water temperature is hovering in the mid to upper 70’s. A friend of Jana’s is pregnant and ready to deliver in two weeks so we were in a hurry to get in the water. This was earlier than planned because of her delivery date. In 2016 I missed the opportunity to photograph another mother, Karine, ready to give birth because the baby was borne too soon and I was in Europe at the time. I did not want to have that happen again.

Jana and I set up quickly and Sarah Moran, the expectant mother, arrived and we jumped in the pool. Neither of our assistants could come because they were sick so it took longer than planned, but Sarah was wonderful and had fun learning how difficult working as a model in the water can be.

A lot more could be said but let’s get to the picture so you can see how well she performed. We would like your comments as we are going to be photographing in the pool all summer. If you want to join in on the project let me know. 

Jana Craciunescu will be directing and photographing with me. Her project is MOMENTS with JANA. The creative energy is inspiring to everyone who participates.

Here are the results with Sarah Moran.

Jana image

Book cover 2016

Second Book 2018

First book 2016

Jana image

Jana image

Jana image