Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

The Tokina 10-17 zoom lens for APS size sensors zooms from 180 to 100 degrees and can focus very close. this makes it an ideal lens for underwater use. Today I tried it in the Nauticam 7D underwater housing with the Nauticam Nexus port adapter and the Nexus small multi-coated glass dome that will also support the Nikon 10.5 fish eye.Nauticam with Nexus dome port


set up for lens

Here are a few images taken underwater with this set up. I chose an aperture of f8 to simulate a working aperture in the ocean. The lens was able to focus to the edge of the glass dome.

10mm setting 10mm setting 3 feet from the grid.17mm settting

17mm setting 3 feet from the grid. The grid 50 inches wide.

close focus This is close focus at the 17mm setting @f8.0. The dome is 1/4 inch fron the board.

verticle 10mm extreme coverage with very little distotion of the round drain.