Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

We had flooding from lat night’s storm which left 2 inches of water throughout the office. But today we had a flash flood storm at noon that flet 16 inches of mud and water in the office. The force of the water blew open the front door  and swept everything in the front and pushed it into the main studio. The force of the water was enough to open the second studio’s lift-up garage type door and let the water out the back. We are now waiting for the next storm that is supposed to hit tonight and it is predicted to be bigger than the one at noon.

main studio flood

This is the main studio.

mud in the bath room

The bath room.

storage containers

The water floated our storage containers and moved them 15 feet.

high water level

This shows the high water mark on the building.

damage in the equipment room

Even with the doors locked the equipment room flooded and damage a lot of equipment.

blocke storm drain

This is why we were flooded. The storm drain is completely damned up with  trash and trees and reeds. The city is supposed to keep the drainage canals clean so this won’t happen we have been asking the city for over a year to clean the canal. They didn’t do it so we got flooded. They seem to have a lot of lame excuses for their non action, none of what solved the problem. We will be out of business for a long time because of their negligence.