Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

The weather here is the big story. Rain filled the gauge with 6.5 inches of water in four days. This is more than half of our annual rain fall. Three storms charged into California causing a lot of havoc and water damage. Thankfully the City had cleaned out the storm canal next to my office. Last January it was full of growth and debris and storm water could not go anywhere but into my building. This year we got a little head start and put up water barriers on all the doors and sealed the base of the walls turning the building into a boat hull. The flood water over spill didn’t get into the building this time even though there was 12 inches of water covering the parking lot.
The storm started on Friday while I was in Cayucos and it rained every day while there. The 6 hr drive back to San Diego through LA was harrowing on Monday. The heaviest rain for San Diego came on Tuesday and Wed. The street was completely flooded and we could not get to the office to check on it. The anxious hours passed and finally we plowed through the receding water to find the office safe and sound but without power.
The wind blew over a big tree in my yard and the mushrooms and fungus blossomed. We are slowly getting back to dry ground and looking forward to spending time with family and friends going over the past events of the year and planing new adventures for the next trip around the sun.