Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

Jana Craciunescu with inverted splits

Getting started with the swimming pool photography sessions got a late start this year. One of the photographers was working in Lake Tahoe until the end of the summer, I was very busy with other projects and the models were in other countries. Hai was in school taking photography classes and Johnson was stuck in Los Angeles. I also need time to build more strobe flash units that could be remotely operated, 9 in all. Pool maintenance was also delayed.

It was late June when we started and the pool temperature was in the low 90’s. Our summer weather was very different from last year. This year was cloudy and overcast almost every day.

Finally. when we got our groove moving we had lots of fun. The models were excited and brought new costumes and energy to the events. The extra lighting worked very well. We had two camera systems this year. A Canon 5DMK2 from last year and this year we added a Canon 6D. The new Sigma 20mm f1.4 was the lens of choice but we did use the Canon 24mm and 15mm fisheye sparingly.

Here is a small sampling of images for you to see. Comments are welcome.

The list of our wonderful and brave models are A’Jonee Mims, Courtney Rule, Jen Hays, Shannon Brady, Karine Breed, Franky, Chris Read, Amy Liniak, Victoria Crystal, Allyssa Moreau, Anasenkova Anastasia, Lydia Crosen, Jessyka Payne, Niko, Rachel Jackson, Tamara Jackson, Eva Zuzuarregui and our fabulous trainer, Jana Craciunescu.

Photographers are Lee Peterson, Hai Nguyen, Luke Ce, Ciprian Pacurar, and Johnson Yang.