Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

I have been scanning many old transparencies from 30 to 40 years ago. My set up is faster than using the traditional film scanners. I have a Canon 5DMk2 on a bellows extension using a Rodenstock 75mm D series process lens that is designed for 1:1 copy work. I use a continuous 5000K light source. I set the lens aperture at it’s best aperture f5.6.5 and never change that setting. I use the camera’s metering system to get my exposure. The camera is hooked up to my computer and using CaptureOne software I can see the enlarged images immediately along with the histogram. The images are in the RAW format for best editing and image correction if needed. Here are some of the images I scanned today. I can also copy slides that are underexposed or that have very high contrast and take 6 different exposures and process them through HDR software and get some amazing results. Here are three before and after slide copies that have been run through the HDR process. Unlike digital files the transparencies have a lot of detail in the shadows with no noise artifacts.