Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

The final stages of construction in the studio to repair the water damage is showing some great results. Fred’s crew at Power House Construction is fantastic and they work fast and have a great feel for quality. The water was died out, the walls were repaired and painted, the electrical was re-wired. The mud was removed and the cyc wall was rebuilt. The carpet is down and we are slowly moving back in. I was able to do a shoot for a customer in the main studio and ASMP had their meeting in the studio on Thursday with 89 attendees. (see photo) It rained last night but we had no flood worries. The City Government parties responsible for the flood cam by Friday and explained their position and why it happened. They still haven’t fixed the problem due to other Govt. agencies lack of response and screwed up policies. I think the City will prevail in the end.

studio entry

new carpet, paint and wallboard and electrical and molding is in.

The studio

The cyc wall is in but the painting remains and the floor has to be finished. The refrigerator and stove are on order and the floor and sink cabinets are ordered.


89 people attended the meeting on HDR image processing.

San Diego Cityscape global view

Today after the storm the clouds over the city of San Diego was superb.

skyline of San Diego

At times San Diego has it’s great moments.