Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

Even though I drove to the DEMA show the weather was so beautiful I could not commit my time solely to the show. Heading to the show on Wednesday I became derailed at Baker CA and headed north to the dry lakes and sand dunes ending up by the way of Pahrump and then on to Las Vegas. I spent a few hours looking through the DEMA show just to get oriented. Then Thursday I took off early in the morning to visit the Moapa Indian reservation north of Las Vegas and met up with Andy who took me to see some Indian petroglyphs. One of the sites I have photographed before and my favorite rock art there is the Indian surfer, or that is what I call it anyway. The whole area was underwater the Sea millions of years ago and the are fossil corals to be found as you stroll through the hills. See for yourself. When I departed I drove to the Hoover Dam. To my surprise I saw that the water level is 200 feet below normal. Shocking is a good expression for the view. The real question is this the result of climate change? The other thought is if the water dries up will the lights in Las Vegas go out? The view was very impressive with the hillsides bleached white where the water level used to be.