Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

A short trip to Hong Know to see Steve Lu and Emily Lu, Stephen Wong and Takako, Yoshi and Joseph Lam. It rained for the whole week. The time was well spent with dinners and meeting new friends and contacts. Steve designed his home in the New Territories just a few steps from the Castle Peak Bay. Wow! It is all design and function with a terrific salt ware aquarium that blends into the pool. There are too many fish to count. Flight time from San Francisco is usually 13 hours. Getting there was easy but the return flight too 28 hours. The air plane broke down out over the pacific ocean and we were diverted back to Japan to get it fixed. It was still a great trip.

Steve Lu portrait

This is my friend Steve Lu


Emily Lu buying apples in the local market.


This fellow was for dinner.

Shark Fine soup on the menu

Shark fin soup was on the menu in the Hong Kong airport. I was not very happy to see this.

New year in China

For the Chinese new year they have flowers. Something like our Xmas trees.


This is the entrance to Steve’s home.


The aquarium and swimming pool.

glass strairs

The unique glass stairs.

nautlis stairs

This is the Nautlis stairs.

stainless fense

A yard sculpture and Steve’s original woven stainless fense.




Hong Kong bridge.


A fast ride around Hong Kong in a bright yellow Porsche.