Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

San City College is just putting the final finishing touches on the photographic instruction facility and as I went through the tour with instructor David King all I could do was drool over the amazing accomplishment. I sure hope the students understand what they have to work with.San Diego College arts buildingIt should be open in a few weeks.

sign It will support analog and digital photography with the finest facility money can produce and the teachers are some of the best.

black studio

The filming studios all have cyc-walls and lighting equipment mounted on ceiling rails.  The equipment locker in the image above is not installed yet.

film loading room

There are very roomy film loading rooms and this wet film lab with every thing temperature controlled and filtered to maintain optimum quality. All levels of analog photography is possible.

deionized water signfiltration

print lab The wet print lab is awsome.

white studio Shooting rooms can be divided with black curtains and for the video and special effects there are green screen sets. The computer and digital rooms are very spacious and loaded with all the latest software on maxed out computer stations. 96 inch Epson printer and small printers are also available in the digital printing room.

gallery There is a gallery to show case students work and volumes of wall space else where other work can be displayed. The theater can seat over 150 people and the classrooms are large and quiet with ceiling mounted digital projectors. There is a photo finishing room fo mounting and matting prints. Lots of storage for student with their own large lockers and an over stocked equipment checkout room with  the latest cameras, lenses ,tripods and other necessary gear to get one of the finest photography educations in the USA.

Inside and outside this facility has everything as a foundation for any student. They will have to supply their own inspiration and energy beyond 100% to get everything out of this facility and the education that is being offered to them at the new San Diego City College Art Facility.