Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

I just got the new Nexus optical glass ports with their super optical coating that inhance clarity and contrast. A perfect match for the new digital lenses that manufactures are now producing. The glass ports are heavier and help balance out the buoyancy of the housing. The 170G port is a full radius port that can be set up to work with almost all the best lenses. The 15mm fisheye ports is for the Canon 15mm lens and it’s small size is a big help in close-up wide angle lighting. The special 14-24 port for the Nikon wide zoom lens on the D700 housing give the housing perfect balance underwater.

Nexus 14-24 dome port This is the nexus dome set up for the Nikon 14-24zoom lens.

14-24 dome port on the Nexus D700 housing This is the 14-24 on the Nexus D700 housing.

Nexus 170G full radius glass dome. The nexus 170G optically coated dome whit removable dome shade.

nexus 5DMark2 This is the special Nexus dome for the Canon 15mm lens.

Nexus D700 with new 105 macro portNexus D700 housing with the new 105 macro port with manual focus control. The small front diameter allows for better lighting control where it is possible to get the strobe in close when needed.

Nexus 5DMark2 housing with the Canon 15mm dome. If you are thinking small try the Nexus strobe case for the Nikon SB400 flash unit. It is a fully TTL operative flash set. Direct sync linkage to the camera and small enough for those critical macro shots.