Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

Working with the Nauticam Canon 7D housing is a real pleasure. it is very well thought out and easy to maintain. this time I was working with the optional 180 degree straight viewfinder #32201 and finding out how easy it is to install without any tools. To remove the standard eye viewer you only have to take off the retaining O-ring on the viewfinder that is on in inside of the housing and push it outward to remove it. Then take the 180 degree finder and insert it in place, align the registration pins and re-install the retaining O-ring. Done! it took less than one minute to perform the exchange of viewfinders.removalThe retaining O-ring is located here at the outer edge of the eye piece.

180 degree finder

back view This is one of the best design features for the Nauticam 180 degree viewfinders, full viewing of the camera’s LCD display.

diopter adjustmentThe viewfinder has an external diopter adjustment to fine tune your eye to the camera’s image .

dual mounts Since the Canon 7D can take both digital stills and video Nauticam has provided multiply possibilities to mount both video lights and strobe flash unit on the housing. The elevated base helps keep the light arms from getting in each other’s way. The elevated base mount can also be installed in tow 90 degree positions for further fine tuning your arm set-up needs. The base on the handle has 6 position locations to choose from.

tools Nauticam has a complete kit to set up the hand strap and ball posts for strobes and includes the correct wrench to install or remove the parts.

ball post

install post

hand grip Now I have to go out an buy a good video light to mount with my dual strobes. I like the Keldan Luna8 LED because of it’s long burn time and accurate color rendition and smooth wide coverage. The Keldan is self contained and has adjustable light power settings. I will only need on video light because it can do the work of two.