Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

This is just the beginning of my work on the Nauticam PhaseOne 645 medium format camera housing. I have it set up with the 28mm lens and a 10 optical glass multi-coated dome with built-in white balance filter. I will be testing it underwater in a few days. I currently have the PhaseOne P40 (40MP) back on it. the P60 (60mp) back will be teated next. i just finished profiling the sensor. After a series of 24 continuous exposures there was no measurable heat build-up by the sensor. The ISO can be from 50 to 800 in standard mode and boosted to 1600 and 3200. The files at 400 and 800 are very clean. The average file size for the P40 digital back is 36.95MB resulting in a standard file size of 7312 x 5476 pixies at dpi 300. The sensor is a CCD, not a CMOS. The bit depth is a little over 14 stops at ISO 100.
I also tested the 120mm macro lens. The equivalent to 35mm lens is about 90mm. The 28mm lens is the same as an 18mm lens on a 35mm format. The camera + 28mm lens and P40 back with Battery installed weighs 6.5 LBS (2948.35g), The housing with the 10 glass dome and 40mm extension weighs 16.75 LBS (7597.672g). I will weigh the buoyancy of the complete assembly in salt water tomorrow.