Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

I have been going through the feature list on the Nauticam Canon 7D housing and there are are lot of significant items to cover. Some are standard and others are very unique. The engineering and design have overcome some of the difficult translations for camera operation underwater and made the functional ergonomics more than sufficient.Nauticam top

The quality and machining of the solid block of aluminum has been hard anodized looks and feels like a finely carved marble statue. When you place you hands on the rubber coated handles you find you fingers have easy access to all the important controls on the camera inside the housing without having to take your hand off the handle. There are even handle extensions to help custom fit to your hand size or if you are wearing gloves.  On top of the handles are threaded hole patterns to mount a variety of strobe arms or accessories.Nauticam Sync portssync connectorsoptical sync connector

The Nauticam 7D housing supports both optical sync connections where the camera on board flash can trigger two external flash units like the Inon Z240 or Sea & Sea DS 110a or you can connect through a standard Nikonos 5 pin sync port directly to the camera hot shoe with either a manual 2 pin or auto 5 pin configuration.drip lip

The housing is machined with a Drip Lip around the main O-ring to help prevent back splash of water drops when the housing is opened and it also serves to register the back half to the front when sealing the housing. Lens release

Installing the camera is very simple. Just mount the camera to the Nauticam grooved camera plate that has the lens release lever built into it and slid the camera into the housing using the eccentric locking lever to firmly secure it. port lock leverport lock system inside

The port locking system is a red lever on the front of the housing that secures the port assemblies to the housing. With the built-in lens release lenses can be removed from the camera through the front port hole in the housing. The Nauticam ports and extension rings have their own special locking feature. The port adapters will allow many different brand ports to be used.  The lens zoom and focus gears are two part assemblies that easily secure the gear to the lens and prevent gear slippage during use.port and cap

The ports and housing are supplied with port covers to help get this clean from dirt and water.

With the camera fully installed in the front half of the housing there is ample room to access the compact flash card and remove it or install it. The camera has to be take off the mounting plate to change the camera battery. card access

The standard viewing lens is one of the best giving full view of the images and camera information. For those who would like a larger view there is the Nauticam 45 degree wide view finder that has its own adjustable diopter to suit your vision requirements.

Nauticam back

The shutter release is engineered to translate your finger pressure so you can easily apply just enough presser to activate the camera for auto focus but not accidentally take a picture.shutter gears

The Nauticam housing is supplied with spare O-ring, Instruction in English, tool kit, O-Ring grease, and O-ring removal card, and Warranty card and water detector battery.

Nautican parts and instructions

I hope to get in the water soon with this beautiful system.