Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

Today was the clean-up effort. So many good friends showed up to help that my emotions overwhelmed me. With their help and our contractor Fred Jackson and crew we pulled up carpets, sloshed out mud and water, moved all the swollen and water logged furnature out side, pulled molding off and drilled breather holes in the walls, set up fans and and established a dry area to store all the tables and and chairs that were not ruined but just need to dry out. Fred and crew worked really fast and went through the other tenants offices and did the same thing. I spent a lot of time on the phone with the City and the departments dedicated to these issues and got nothing but the Catch 22 answers. They City maintenance crews have never showed up to clean the dam of rubbish that caused the problem. They just give us Case numbers as if that will solve the problem. With another good rain storm and we could be back to ground zero again. It will take a month or two get back in the office. Until then Tom and I are trying to set up computers at home so we can cover a few jobs and keep out customer happy. The insurance we have does not cover floods as they are an act of God by the insurance companies. I don’t think we will see any insurance coverage. It will take a lot to get the city to own up to the issue since it was their neglect that caused to problem. The process will be very slow.

bathroom mud

carpt glue

canal damage

This is another blockage to our canal after the big flood.

drying equipment

Some of our equipment drying out on make shift tables.

flooded equipment

Look at the water line above the fax machine.

More equipment loss

floor damage

Some of the floor damage.

cyc wall

The cyc wall in the main studio will have to be re-built. Here Fred is taking it apart.

The capet loss

Tossing out the soggy carpet.

mud and water

This will be Saturday’s project, getting the mud and water out of the main studio and treating the walls with mil due chemicals. We are installing 15 fans to help dry out the walls and floor.

wall vents

Here are the wall vents Fred cut.

Ruined sofa

All our leather sofas are soggy and will have to be disposed.

canal rubbish

This is the rubbish that that has been deposited 6 feet above the flood level of the canal.