Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

I’m getting used to the Canon 7D. The image quality is very good. I think my to ISO is 800 that I feel comfortable with. Beyond that I get some noise if there is any under exposure. The top end can handle about 2.5 stops over exposure. The shadows hold at about 2 stops under at ISO 400 and 2.5 stops at ISO 100. At ISO 100 I can get a good working image range of 6 stops. A lot depends on the lens used. A good quality lens will can make a difference of adding one more stop in exposure latitude. A good lens shade is as important.

bird leggs

Bird legs.

skinny legs

Very skinny legs.


San Diego past time.

my gull friend

My gull friend.


The Yodock plumbing

Solar plumbing.

harbor trash

Harbor trash.