Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

I managed to get some store displays of the M&M characters and give them to Terri for her Birthday. She likes m&Ms, the dark chocolate kind.
I have been very busy working on some undersea cables and have had no time for photography but when Terri gave me a jacaranda seed pod she found in the yard I decided to take a quick shot of it. The rest of my time will be spent getting ready for the dive trip to the Philippines in June. I am also preparing the materials for my lectures at Siggraph in Vancouver BC this year. I will be making two presentations. One on Camera sensor profiling and the the other for PhaseOne and Capture 1 RAW software.
I also put a new background on this Blog site. It is from Newspaper Rock where the American Indians used to Blog several hundred years ago. I though it was a very appropriate image to use for a blog.