Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

The universe is in a new transition and I have been trying to feel it. Meditation is my way of getting into other dimensions. After being at the beach through both high and low tides and swarmed by flying Nature and fresh smells of bird poop and salt air I put down my camera and began to think. The attachments I have for my friends and those I love so much guide me through a path of life. It is something I want to share with everyone. So here it is:

Words and ideas.
Things of the mind.
Connected to the soul and shared with the ones we love.
It is the breath of the universe that makes us one.
We know without the cumbersome words that we are one.
The connection spans time melting the universe together.
Welding our hearts in eternal time.
This is the art of life.
The creative expression, a palate of emotional colors
spread on a canvas wider than a sky full of stars.
Together we exceed the constraints of Time.
Oldness is nothing more than newness.
We are Isness. We are Loveness.
All the dimensions are blended into Oneness.
We have changed the world.
Lee Peterson 2010