Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

Client-Outside Magazine
Production: Producit, Inc
Location: Fantasy II Films – Sun Valley
Photographer Michael Muller c/o Stockland Martel
Creative Director Hannah McCaughey Outside Magazine
Photo Editor Amy Feitelberg Outside Magazine
Producer Kate Amengual Producit
Production Asst. Laura Katzenberg Producit
Technical Support. Lee Peterson c/o Marine Camera
Technical support Asst. Tony Soausa
PhaseOne Supplier. Brent Siebenaler
Nauticam NA-645 Housing. Marine Camera/Nauticam
Profoto Underwater Flash. Marine Camera
Photo Asst. Keith Leman
Photo Asst. Blake Farrington
Photo Asst. Leland Hayward
Photo Asst. Ian Greves
Digital Tech. Ricky Ridecos
Stylist Lawren Sample & Margaret Maldonado
Prop Stylist. David Ross Art Mix Beauty
Catering Dean’s
Subject. Josh Mohr
There was $250,000.00 worth of camera equipment set up for this photo shoot by Micheal Muller for Outside Magazine. It took twelve hours to complete the session. This was a first commercial shoot to incorporate the Phase One camera system using the IQ180 digital back and camera in the Nauticam housing. I designed the ProFoto underwater flash heads that provide 1400 watt seconds of power with a very fast recycle time. Michael shoots each frame faster than one second intervals to catch the absolute perfect action image.The PhaseOne IQ180 digital back is an 80 Mega Pixel sensor with 14 stops of dynamic range and high color fidelity. The Nauticam housing supports the 28mm lens (35mm equal is 17mm) using a 230mm optically coated glass dome. More on this camera system can be found on