Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

Dave King and I ventured out with several bags of cameras and lenses and an assortment of support equipment in search for locations to hold the coming landscape classes. Our 3am dash through Los Angles went smoothly with Dave (Never get up too early) sleeping through most of the dark hours. 5 hours later after a few stops to take a some images and warm up our imaging reflexes and test the cameras we landed in Caucus dropping off excess gear before heading north towards San Simeon for lunch. The next 4 days we searched for locations for the classes and hotels and camp sites in the area for the students.

Money is always an issue for the students and we scrounged for all the cheap options including restaurants.

On the road back to San Diego we stopped off at the Kern Oil Museum in Taft. This was a revisit for me. Lots of old machinery and vehicles are scattered about the acreage. They operate on Thursday to Sunday and opening at 10am. The docents were happy to see us as we were the only visitors there. Jim the head man there talked and talked and followed us around the premisses. I think he was starved for company. Dave got stuck listening to him while I slipped away and explored. Later Jim showed us the antique vehicles in a barn that had been restored to like new condition. It was getting hot and we said our good bye confirming we would return with student sin tow. The only snag in the whole trip was heading home through LA’s worst traffic. Five snail paced hours to get through it on a Friday afternoon. Before getting through the Gorman pass we decided to stop and get some In&Out food. Big mistake. The parking lot was over flowing and the line of hungry eaters standing in the heat was out side the building. We settled for the Subway sandwich place across the way and lucky us when we entered the establishment there were no customers except for us. Here are some of my images from the Kern Oil Museum.  Please click on them to enlarge for better viewing. Comments are welcome.

If you are interested in Davids landscape classes you can contact him.

His blog is very interesting and it is advisable to look at it.

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