Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

The storms are still alive here and we now have 8.5 inches of rain which is 75% more than normal for here. Australia is flooded and more rain is in their future. Russia is warmer than normal. The snow in Aspen Colorado is wet snow. Mamoth Lakes snow pack is at a 100 year high for this time of the year. Do you think all this is due to a Climate Change? If you listen to the experts on Fox News this is not what is happening. They hold to their theory that it is a hoax drummed up by ClimateGate scientists. I think Fox doesn’t know how to read scientific data or science charts. Here is something to read and you can make up your own mind.
Energy doesn’t just disappear when its moved into the deep ocean – as a matter of fact its locked in the earth system for longer when its transfered into the deep oceans.
That ends up being more heat and further degradation of a gradient towards a warmer bias.
Nor is the current warming due to energy leaving the oceans, as some have claimed (plus, sea level rise has to be explained as well; melting ice sheets can’t explain all of it, although increasingly so):
If this deep ocean heating were going into the atmosphere instead – a physical impossibility – it would be warming at a rate of about 3°C (over 5°F) per decade.
Hudson Bay and Greenland 14-18 degrees Celsius above average for an entire month of december!
For comparison, the higher end predictions for 2100 are for a surface/atmospheric warming of around 6°C – equivalent to the amount of heat the deep ocean has absorbed in the past 20 years! For some perspective on ocean vs. atmospheric heating – and this only includes the upper layers of the ocean, not the deeper layers, which were only found to be warming recently.