Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

I went on a diving expedition to a small island in the center of the Caribbean called Islas del Cisne (Swan Island)  Gregg Harnann who is an expert shell collector and palm tree expert. His 50 foot catamaran the Gloriamaris (named after the famous cone snail) took us on a 30 hour boat ride from Grand Cayman to the tiny 2.5 KM long island. There were searched for the very tiny cone snail called the conus harmani, named after Gregg. At this time there is only one shell in the world collected and he has it. Our objective was too find more to prove that it is a true species.

I started on this trip a week after having hernia surgery and my recovery had to take place on board the boat. It was tough but I did get some dives in with his help. The cone snails only come out at the dark of the moon cycle so night dives were in order. We did look over the reefs during the day dives and it was good too see pristine refs in the seldom dived Swan Islands. There is a small contingent of Honduran shoulders (6) on the west end living in very sparse conditions. The rest of of island is for bird nesting and iguanas. All the buildings that the US built there during the Cuban crisis are now gone. My first visit to the island was in 1980 and I flew in on a twin engine Cessna and landed on the grass runway left by the US government.

Here are a few images that I took there on this trip. The rest are posted in a slide show here.

We sailed to Roatan to fly out to Houston and then back home. The captain Tom MacMichael and his wife Liliana stayed with the boat in French harbor. We dove Guanaja and and other outer islands on the way. It was a good trip and my recovery improved each day.

Click on the images to enlarge them and got the jalbum site and see the rest of them. Pleas leave your comments. Thank you. Lee