Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

I have been testing cameras, lenses and housings lately. The new HugyFot 5DMK2 is interesting and quite different from all the others. A solid little housing and is unique in the fact that it doesn’t have latch closures but uses two Allen head screws to secure it. They only deliver it with on handle on the left side the right handle is an option but there is a hand strap for the right side. It comes with a ball mount on the handle and one on top center of the housing. The lens ports are bayonet mounting to the housing. The dome port is acrylic. One thing different is that the housing comes with an electronic vacuum device and a special fitting on the housing to attach it to so you can pull a vacuum to see if all the seals are secure. If you use the hand strap on the right side the controls are very easy to reach. The finish is a Matt black anodize only. The handle was a little small for my hand unless I had a glove on. The dual sync ports are both on the left side. A complete housing for the Canon 5DMK2 with a macro port and dome port, extension tube, lens gears and handle for the right side will set you back about $3800.00 depending the the Dollar and Euro exchange.Hugyfot right front

Hugyfot back

Hugyfot top

Hugyfot spare handle

Vaccum pump

Hugyfot dome