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» HDR IN CS4-A NEW WAY HDR IN CS4-A NEW WAY | Photography in Paradise

Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

I have been working with some images I took a few years ago. Karen Seibold and I took a summer run to the Alabama Hills in the Ownes Valley with a side tour to the White Mountains and the Bristle Cone forest. I was taking multiple images of each scene with the idea of using them for HDR processing. This time I tried something different. I used Photoshop CS4 to assemble them and process the layers.

Bristle cone tree

I only two images to assemble this on. Karen was only in one of the images.

Mount Whitney3 Mount Whitneys

For the Mount Whitney image I assembled three images and they had very different exposures and color.

Laser arch in 5 expousers.

I use 5 images to make this. All were of different exposures.

Here is how it works: In CS4 Bridge select any combination of images that are taken of the same subject. It can be as few as two or as many as 6 images. The exposures can be varied.
Then go to tools in Bridge>Photoshop>Load files into Photoshop layers. When that is finished select all the layers together.
Go to EDIT>Auto Align Layers …..when finished
Go to Edit>Auto Blend Layers……Then Flatten the layers. and Save as a Tiff file.
You can open the Tiff file in Bridge again and fine adjust it to your liking.

This is digital darkroom at it’s best.