Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

While looking for waves in the fog this morning I found this sea lion at La Jolla Cove with orange fishing net wrapped around his head. There were 12 photographers there with their long lenses taking pictures of the birds and not one of them had noticed the sea lion. When I pointed it out to them one said I should not take a picture of it because it was too awful. Well here is the image anyway. I don’t know how their lens became broken either.
The birds are easy to photograph there and their antics are entertaining. The open water swimmers make me cold to watch as they seem to ignore the cold water. I called Sea World to see if they could come and help the sea Lion but it is just a 1-800 answering machine so I have no idea if they ever did anything. I did notice that cameras with large lenses don’t float. No one else there made any attempt to call for help for the seal. They were only worried about who got the best pelican photocrap. Wish I had a stun gun sometimes.