Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

I am using a 35mm Canon digital SLR on the back of my Wista 4×5 film camera. To get the camera to mate up I have to use a 20mm extension ring to keep the camera far enough from the Wista back so it will be functional. This extension limits the shorter focal lenses to 120mm. A tripod is necessary as well as using mirror lick-up and camera shutter release.
On the 4×5 set up with the 5DMK2 and the Fujinon lenses especially the 240AS I can get extreme depth of field with lens tilt and also sharp images with little diffraction at f90 if I so chose to do this. The contrast of the lens is very different from the Canon lenses and the color in some images is better. With the sliding back on the 4×5 camera I can also make panoramas with 4 separate images. If I use the vertical shiv I can stitch 12 images together and get a file size at 300 DPI at 55 inches by 70 inches. I am limited to a minim focal length of 120mm with this set-up but the Fujinon 120, 210, 240 and 400mm lenses offer some special opportunities to make unique images. The 400mm lens using lens with tilt control is amazing. Canon has nothing in their lens line-up like that. I do have the Canon 90mmTS and 24mmTS tilt shift lenses and will add the 17mmTS soon to fill out my lens collection. What do you think about these images?