Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

Birds-Birds and more. THis has been a wonderful time here in San Diego. The ocean has no waves. (Lake Pacific) The birds have taken over,tens of thousands are either sitting in the ocean or in the lagoon and flying overhead and pooping on my car. I tried to name the differ classifications but they all look the same to me. I thin the Herring gulls and the Herrmann gulls are the largest population with pelicans and other mixed in. The clouds change their appearance ever few hours and the sun ducks in and out when it can. The tide in the morning is very high and then drops into the minus zone in the afternoon. The air temp went from the 40’s in the morning to upper 60’s in the afternoon with no wind. The local trees are turning into flaming colors around the house. I just don’t know where to point the camera. It seems that everything is waiting for their photograph to be taken. This is just a few of the images I took today. The long ones are 96 inches wide.