Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

Sam Cody has been a friend and surf buddy since the 1960’s. He has matured into one of the finest surfboard colorists and artists. He worked for Gordon and Smith for many years before branching out and into surfboard resurrection. His restoration work on old surfboards is the best in the industry. He can turn an vintage surfboard that looks completely destroyed and bring new life back to the glass work and design. His reconstruction is pure perfection and will turn a $10.00 dollar piece of historical junk into a marketable $1500.00 collector’s dream. These images are just a few of him in the glassing finish room at Bing Surfboards in Encinitas, CA. The big red board is the Yeater design that was used in the movie Apocalypse Now that Sam completely re-constructed. Collectors are searching for vintage boards and finding that most a total wrecks. They turn to Sam to restore it and give it premium value on the collector’s market. His other talent is his encyclopedic knowledge of the surf industry and all the surfboards and shapers and their styles. The panorama image is Sam working on a 1965 Dewy Webber 10′ 11″ that was dropped out of a truck on the highway. Sam’s very special talent brought it back to life and without a micro scope you would never know it was destroyed.