Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

Oil spill? I think the word “spill” doesn’t cover the enormity of the event in the Gulf. If I spill something I think of milk spilling out of a bottle or wine dripping out of my glass. But a hole in the bottom of the ocean spewing thousands of barrels of crude oil every day is not what I consider a “spill”.

But this is just one of the many disasters that we have given the Ocean or lakes or land on this watery dirt clod that orbits a star.  Listen to Jeremy Jackson explain how we wrecked the ocean and you will broaden your understanding of what is happening around you today.

Paste this in your browser and listen.

the beach

Lovely La Jolla Shores

boat docks

Expensive toys in our lovey bay.

Lake Tahoe polution

Lake Tahoe–What turns the golf course green also turns the lake green.