Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

Here are some examples of my creations over many years where I used custom built lenses to create new and interesting images. I love the principles of optics and have always strives to understand more and experiment with them. Click on the image to see the full page.

Optical images 9 lens array_6930

91 lens array is a 12 square made up of 91 square lenses

Fly eye lens is one lens made of 400 spherical lenses transmitted to a collector lens mounted on a 35mm camera.

8mm lens is a Nikkor circular lens with a 180 degree angle of view and final image altered in Photoshop

Rear projection is an image of clouds projected on a screen behind the chains and gears.

Set construction is a ice mold of a Nikon F camera and a burning card set behind it age made with one surface coated mire and shooting though a beam splitter to combine images.

Birefringence is the resolution or splitting of a light wave into two unequally reflected or transmitted waves by an optically anisotropic medium such as calcite or quartz. Also called double refraction.

 24mm inverted lens on a 25mm camera (mounted in reverse).

Rear projection used to create backgrounds before there was any digital application like Photoshop.

There are manny ways to help optics see more that what the normal eye can see and digital applications are extending our visual consciousness into new dimensions.

The creative mind seems to have few limitations using both optical constructions and digital programing.

Please take the time to view the video. you will be surprised hope optics is shaping out lives.

In this insightful CVMP presentation, Fredo Durand from MIT reveals visual content that is invisible to the naked eye. He looks at, for example, recent computational techniques that can extract faint visual information from digital sensors, analyze it, amplify it and visualize it. My friends in Australia at have kindly posted it on their site. It is from a presentation at the convention SIGGRAPH in 2012. Click on this link or copy and post in your browser.