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Is it a waste of time and money?

Voting is personally costly. It takes time to register and to learn about the candidates’ views which are never clear and mostly inaccurate and full of bull to put it mildly. The ballot measures are worse than Bull$*•!. Their rubrics have nothing to do with their content and trying to find out who is funding them and who will really prosper by them is a mystery that even Sherlock Holmes would have trouble sorting out.
Let’s consider the math for voting. The probability that I’ll be the deciding vote in an election is considerably smaller then the chance that I’ll get hit by a car on the way to the polls. So why do we support this irrational behavior? Is it some form of altruism or habitual behavior? Is this voter illusion put upon us through the social pressure by political advertising? Is this a form of self expression of the self concept? Gee, I’m an American, and Americans vote to affirm their self expression and makes me belong to a larger group. Maybe this is why social pressure works so well in class movements. This is why we hear the cry, “I voted”, on those special Tuesdays and proudly wear those body stickers stating that I did my social duty. Some how we think our vote makes a difference though statistically that is just not the case.

Will I vote this year? Yes, because it is motivated by a lot of hate and I have to vent it out some how or go Postal. My voting will save someones life! That is my reason to vote. The outcome of the election doesn’t matter other than it will confirm that politics are corrupt and politicians live on another planet.

General election