Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

Went to check out the pelicans and ended up photographing the seals at Casa Cove formally known as the “Children’s Pool” that was built for the children to have a safe place to be at the beach in La Jolla. But the seals have taken over, mostly the Harbor seals. Now the tourists form hoards there to see the very smelly seals sleep on the sand, poop on the sand and give unbridled glee to the the animal lovers and environmentalists who don’t give a shit about the original purpose of the man made beach or children but think the squatters have the right to be there. Attorneys lined up on both sides are making a killing suing over every decision that the City makes. More money and time has been spent on the legal issues that the cost to build and maintain the sea wall and cove. The seal numbers are rapidly increasing and so is the shark population that feeds on them. Of course the seal lovers don’t like the sharks and would authorize them to be killed to protect their fat fuzzy loved ones. I found one of the seals on the reef with a bulbous eye infection or cancer. He will die soon.
A little further south there were two surfers making the most out of the high tide waves. The pelicans flew overhead in the vast formations sprinkling my car, the street, the side walk and anything under their flight path with gooey white droppings. I carry a one gallon jug of water to wash off the poop splatter on my car when I go to the beach now.