Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

For two mornings I awoke early to get the lowest tides of the month and photograph the Scripps Pier in La Jolla and the Ocean Beach Pier in Ocean Beach. The first trip to Scripps Pier my Son Ryan went along and did his own photography with another 6D Canon and a 28-70 f2.8 lens that is very sharp. I was using the Canon 6D camera and a variety of lenses. With the ISO at 3200 or 1250 and 30 second or more exposures the camera could record things I could not see with my eyes. In fact it was dam difficult to see my focus in the camera. Live view was too grainy to see the focus so I had to use the distance indication on the lens and manual focusing.
I think some of the images came out fine. As the morning glow developed I was able to get some images that appeared to look like daylight. Modern cameras like the Canon 6D and 7DMK2 and Nikon D750 and D7200 are tools allowing photographers to easily extend their imaging capabilities.  The La Jolla Shore is relative free of artificial light except for the pier lights but the Ocean Beach Pier has overspill light for the hotel and city buildings giving an erie yellow orang glow to the beach, waves and pier in contrast to a deep blue sky. The camera color profile was set to daylight or 5000 Kelvin.

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Ocean Beach Pier8x10_1910 Ocean Beach Pier_1902 Ocean Beach Pier_1883 Ocean Beach Pier_1880 Ocean Beach Pier_1875-77 Ocean Beach pier_1872 Ocean Beach Pier_1851 Ocean Beach Pier_1842 heart in rock_1899 Scripps pier_1797Scripps pier_1793 Scripps pier_1787 Scripps pier_1779 Scripps pier_1776 La Jolla shores_1803 La Jolla coastline_1831