Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

I started out with the intent to get the super full moon set on Saturday morning but the weather didn’t pan out and the moon was hidden behind the clouds. I ended up taking some very long exposures of the La Jolla Casa area to get the clouds and wave action. The waves were very inactive this time.
Then it rained on me when I moved to south Casa but the ambient light was good. Around 8:30am I moved south to Wind and Sea area and saw a body surfer getting in the water. It was high tide and he had to jump in off the cliff.
I saw the water run off there from a drain pipe where it was helping the growth of the green algae at the beach line. Then this morning there was a short break in the rain and I was able to get some wonderful storm clouds over Del Mar. The bird is a Black Turnstone. I had a difficult time identifying it but Reed Kastner was able to do it for me. He said the Turnstone has an up-turned beak use in turning over stones to find food. I did not notice that feature and thought the bird might be the Surf Bird.