Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

After a Summer and Fall with very small waves to no surf at all, a few winter storms have pushed into the central and southern coast of California. The low tides have been fun to explore the reefs but the lack of wave action has been very depressing. Last year, 2017, the winter storms produced very large waves and the weather was sunny for them. It is always a combination of good lighting and big waves that get me inspired to drive for 5 hours to central California from San Diego and set up my cameras to capture the poetry and action of the ocean. San Diego has some good waves but the central coast has more action and the angle of the sunlight is better for a longer period of time. The waves are large enough that I do not need my 400mm lens, The 70-200 is just fine. Even the 24-105 works for many areas.
The images below are my latest ones. Dave King and Mike Uriell have been my companions on these adventures. Although they don’t relish the getting up and departing at 3 am to get to Cayucos for sunrise they manage to have a great time. We usually spend two or three days covering the area and dining in some great restaurants. I travel the back roads to get there and we get to see a lot of wildlife to photograph on the trip.
The images below are a sample from three trips. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions send me an email.
Thank you for viewing.

Necis Snow playing in the polluted water in Del Mar

The fires at Gaviota pier

Oil rig left over in Taft

San Simeon pier

Torrey Pines Beach polution

Cayucos pier

Morro Bay