Photography in Paradise

peeking from behind the sensor

The US Navy is celebrating 100 years of flight here in San Diego. From bi-planes to modern fighter jets, hundreds of aircraft took to the skies today in the largest formation of military aircraft since World War II. Aircraft of every size, shape and vintage filled the skies above San Diego Bay on Saturday as the Navy celebrated 100 years of naval aviation. The parade included Ospreys and Harrier fighter jets and was led by the first plane flown by the Navy, the A-1. The centerpiece of today’s festivities was the “Parade of Flight,” where more than 200 planes and helicopters showed off for tens of thousands of grateful visitors. According to a preliminary count, more than 70,000 people watched the show from the NAS North Island in Coronado and thousands more lined the bay and Point Loma. I stationed myself with a large crowd on top of Point Loma. All the freeways were jammed for hours and cars were stalled on the Coronado Bridge trying to get to North Island. For the finale, the entire air wing from the carrier John C. Stennis flew over the bay, creating a grand finish to a high-flying day.